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Terms & Conditions 



The contract is any agreement between the hirer and company, for the hire of equipment detailed within the contract. 

The hirer is any individual, company or organisation that the company is contracted to supply equipment hire to. 

The company is Four Seasons Event Hire  

All hired equipment remains the property of Four Seasons Event Hire, at all times. 

The hirer is responsible for all equipment, provided by Four Seasons Event Hire, from time of delivery until time of collection. 

By payment for and acceptance of hire equipment, you are accepting our Terms & Conditions. 



Prices are for individual items and for one day’s hire.  One day’s hire covers our standard hire period of 3 days.  This includes the day of delivery, followed by the event day, followed by the day of collection. 

Weekend hire counts as one days hire, delivery Friday and collection Monday. 

Extended hire terms can be arranged. 

Delivery and collection charge will be calculated using the postcode of your delivery address. If you wish to collect and return the hire items yourself, a delivery and collection charge won’t be included. 

A damage/ loss deposit is required when booking and will be refunded within 10 working days once all the hire items have been returned. This will be a minimum of £60.00 and must be paid by a valid credit/ debit card. 

All orders placed 14 days or less from hire date are payable in full when placing an order. 

Free return dirty service is included. 

All prices are subject to VAT. 

When hiring equipment, no refund will be given for unused items. 



Quotations are not confirmed orders until a 30% non-refundable security deposit has been paid. 

Once you have received the deposit invoice or full invoice for booking, if this is not paid within 2 working days, the items may become unavailable to hire. 

Once the deposit has been paid you order will be confirmed. 

The remaining balance of the order will need to be paid prior to 2 weeks of delivery, unless you are an account holder. 



The following payment methods are accepted by the company: credit/ debit card, BACS, cheque and cash. 

A 2% charge will be made for use of credit cards. No charge for debit cards. 

All invoice payments must be cleared by non-account holders prior to delivery. If full payment has not been received for an order by the due date, the company reserves the right to cancel the order. 

For account holders, you have 30 days from the date of your event, to clear all payments for the order you received. 

If after 30 days payment has not been received for an outstanding invoice, ‘statutory interest’ will be charged – this is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate. If however after 60 days from event date, the invoice has not be paid, this will automatically be passed to our debt collection agency for recovery. 

The credit limit for all businesses on account is £1000.00 inclusive of VAT. If you require more credit please contact us, as a director of a limited company or owner of the business will be required to sign a personal guarantee. 

In the event that a limited company is unable to meet its liability in the respect of our invoices as and when they fall due, or become bankrupt, insolvent or issued with a winding up order, then the company’s directors are jointly or individually liable in respect of those outstanding invoices. 

Anyone placing an order on behalf of a limited company should make their directors aware of the above clause. By accepting delivery of goods and/ or placing an order with us, you are confirming that the above Terms & Conditions along with all the other Terms & Conditions have been accepted by your company and directors 


Chair Hire  

Please note our chairs have a weight rating as follows, we accept no responsibility for damages incurred by exceeding the weight limits: 

Wooden Folding Chairs 100kg/ 220lbs 

Bolero Folding Chairs 110kg/ 242lbs 

Limewash Chairs 100kg/  220lbs 

Green Garden Plastic Chairs 100kg/ 220lbs 



Photo Disclaimer – photographs shown are the best match available for our inventory. Actual items may not be identical to images. 

Four Seasons Event Hire reserves the right to supply an alternative product where circumstances have rendered the goods ordered unfit for delivery or when items have not been returned to us or returned damaged from previous hire. 

All electrical equipment is P.A.T. tested prior to delivery and it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure sufficient power supply is available. 

All gas equipment is tested in accordance with relevant statutory requirements and is inspected before delivery. 

Instructions will be provided with the hire of equipment to highlight the safe use and operation of our appliances. You must ensure that all operating instructions are followed and the equipment is used in accordance with electrical and LPG safety procedures. 

The Company cannot accept any claims from the hirer ordering incorrect equipment or non-adherence to the operating instruction. 

Four Seasons Event Hire will not accept any responsibility for injury or damage caused by the use of equipment. 

Gas appliances must not be used indoors unless the area where they are being used is well ventilated. 

All heating appliances should never be used in confined spaces or close to flammable materials. 

All appliances and goods provided by Four Seasons Event Hire are intended for use indoors. Only when equipment has been designed for outdoor use may it be used outdoors. 

All glasses are polished on a glass polisher but may still need hand polishing. 

It is the hirers responsibly to ensure the safety and security of all equipment provided by Four Seasons Event Hire. 

If under any circumstances the venue can no longer store the items until the agreed date of collection from Four Seasons Event Hire, it is the hirer’s responsibility to safely transport these items to an alternate storage area that is safe and secure, until collection. The Hirer must then inform Four Seasons Event Hire of the new storage location. 

You must report any item shortage, malfunction or damage within 12 hours of delivery. You must call 07549996587 and report any issues. If there is no answer you must leave a message reporting the problem. We will aim to return the call within 10 – 15 minutes. 

No refund or compensation will be given to a grievance if the company has not been informed within 12 hours of delivery.  

The liability of Four Seasons Event Hire for any claims made by the hirer for compensation regarding non-delivery, late delivery, unsuitability, or breakage of equipment provided, that has caused any financial loss, will not exceed the total order charge. 


Delivery & Collection 

Delivery is to the ground floor only, unless basement/ above ground floor delivery has been pre- arranged; there will be an extra charge for this service. 

All delivery and collection instructions and information must be communicated with Four Seasons Event Hire. This includes parking, loading bays, height restriction barriers, access to site, site contacts and telephone numbers, storage area, opening and closing times of venue and stairs/ lifts. The Company must also be informed of any parking restrictions such as yellow/ red lines, park on the street, bus lanes or red routes. 

If the hired equipment is intended for delivery/ collection into a marquee/ field, this needs to be communicated with Four Seasons Event Hire. Suitable access into the marquee/ field needs to be provided. The hirer must consider the height and weight of the vans delivering equipment. 

If the ground around the marquee/ field is unsuitable to drive on with a heavy vehicle and tracking has not been provided, the hirer will be liable for any charges incurred if the delivery vehicle requires recovery on delivery or collection. 

Additional charges for delivery/ collection restrictions may be applied to the order regarding the above. 

Any parking fines or costs incurred by inaccurate information provided from the hirer will be charged to the hirer. 

Waiting time incurred by the venue not accepting the goods as pre-arranged with the hirer will be charged to the hirer. 

Four Seasons Event Hire does not provide a set up service. 

If equipment cannot be delivered on the arranged date because of circumstances beyond the control of Four Seasons Event Hire, the company will refund all monies paid by the hirer and will not be liable to pay further compensation. 

The hirer authorises the person signing the delivery note on behalf of them and the person signing the delivery note is agreeable to sign on behalf of the hirer. Signing for the delivery of equipment ensures that the order was delivered safely and left in a secure area. 

Specific delivery/ collection instruction can be given to Four Seasons Event Hire regarding your order.  However, the company cannot be held liable for claims raised from Four Seasons Event Hire not being able to comply with these instructions for any reason. 

The Company can never guarantee time of delivery or delivery before a certain time. 

Where we can, we will give the hirer a call 30 minutes before delivery/ collection, if requested. We will also try to inform the hirer if we will be late to deliver. However, this may not be possible in all cases and Four Seasons Event Hire cannot be held liable for failure to inform the hirer of expected delivery time. 

It is highly advised for the hirer to receive their order the day before the event, to allow time to check all equipment and items delivered and to address any potential problems. Four Seasons Event Hire will not accept liability for late delivery on day of event. 

All containers and boxes provided when delivering the order, must be returned. All items should be returned to the containers they were delivered in. Failure to return these containers or damage to the containers will result in the hirer being charged the full replacement cost. 

All used glasses to be returned to the boxes facing up or a surcharge will apply of £2.00 per box. 

Table linen must be returned in the laundry bags provided. They should not be returned to the bags with confetti or flowers and they should never be damp or wet. This can cause damage. 

When arrangements are made for collection, items need to be ready, returned in the boxes they came in and left in one place, from 9:00am on that day. If items are not available then a further charge will apply for returning to collect. 

If the company has to clear up and pack away the hired items on collection, a charge will be made to the hirer. 

The company does not remove rubbish and/ or glass bottles when collecting hire items. It is the responsibility of the hirer to remove and dispose of these correctly.  If rubbish/ glass are left with our hirer items the company will leave it behind in the venue. Four Seasons Event Hire will not be held liable for any damage caused by leaving rubbish/ glass behind. 


Force Majeure 

Four Seasons Event Hire will make every effort to deliver orders. However, delivery is subject to cancellation by the company, consequent of unforeseeable circumstances such as an act of God (flood, fire and other natural disasters), war, strikes, riots and lock-outs or other labour disturbances, restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power, shortage of equipment or transport or labour or any other cause beyond the control of the company. 


Customer Collection & Return 

Valid ID is required for all customers collecting their order. If valid ID is not provided, the customer will not receive their order. 

Four Seasons Event Hire will inform the hirer of the expected number of containers needed to box their order up. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the vehicle they arrive in to collect their hire items is suitably sized. 

Four Seasons Event Hire will inform the hirer if the containers with their hire items are expected to be heavy. The hirer will be expected to understand this when they arrive to collect their order. 

The hirer will be expected to load/ remove their order into/ from their own vehicle when collecting/ returning. 

If the hirer believes they may need assistance with their order when collecting/ returning, they must inform the company so that the presence of warehouse staff can be arranged to help the hirer. 

The hirer is responsible for the hire items from the point at which they sign for their order, to the point at which they safety return the hire items to the company. 

Anyone collecting and returning equipment may be charged an extra day’s hire if the items are not returned on specified day. 


Damage & Loss 

Breakage/ damage/ loss to be paid for by the hirer, which the company reserve the right to charge to credit or debit card. 

Once hire items have been returned, the company will inform the hirer of any unreturned/ damage items. 

Any breakage/ damage to hire items will be charged at the full replacement cost. 

If it is possible to fix individual parts of damaged equipment, the hirer will only be charged the replacement cost of the part in question and the labour costs to fix it. 

If equipment has water damage from use outdoors, when the item was not designed for outdoor use, the hirer will be charged the full replacement cost. 

Any damage to linen caused by candle wax, burns, stains or mildew that cannot be removed will be charged at the full replacement cost. 

Standard hire charge will apply until any lost items are returned. 



Charges for cancellation of order 

Cancellation of order more than 14 days prior to hire – No charge 

Cancellation of order < 14 days prior to hire – 50% payable 

Cancellation of order > 7 days from hire – 75% payable 

Cancellation of order less than 7 days from hire – 100% payable 

Charges for reducing the order quantity more than 10% 

Reduction of order more than 14 days prior to hire – No Charge 

Reduction of order < 7 days prior to hire – 25% charge 

Reduction of order up to 5 days prior to hire – 50% charge 

Reduction of order less than 2 days from hire – 100% charge 

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Risk Assessment

Public Liability Insurance Policy

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